Strategic Cycling Network Initiative


In the Autumn of 2013 Minstead Parish Council made initial proposals to the leading Authorities for a strategic cycling network to provide safe cycle routes between the main settlements in the New Forest. The main objective was to provide both residents and visitors  the ability to cycle safely without hazarding themselves on busy roads.  See Initial Proposal Sept 13 for further details.

To support this proposal a petition was raised locally to judge the level of support in the Community. See Petition Sept 13.

The results of this petition are summarised in a further letter to the Authorities  (Cycling Petition Conclusions Nov 13) with 127 signatures from within the Parish and the wider community.

Following this, the proposal was discussed at the Annual Parish Assembly in March 2014 and received  further endorsement. See Report from Parish Annual Assembly March 14.

Proposal from Minstead Parish Council

Minstead PC proposes an additional action be included in the 2015-20 revision of the New Forest National Park Management Plan under the ‘Improving Traffic and Transport’ section:

‘To evaluate and develop, if feasible, a strategic cycle network through the National Park by creating dedicated and segregated cycle lanes on un-grazed land along the A337 from Cadnam to Lymington via Lyndhurst and Brockenhurst, creating a truly viable alternative to the car for journeys between settlements whilst minimising conflicts with other New Forest activities.’

This action would also make significant contributions to ‘More healthy and sustainable lifestyles’, and ‘More opportunities for sustainable travel’.

As a Parish Council we have concentrated on the possible benefits to our parishioners. However it seems self-evident that many visitors could also benefit from this proposal.

Click A Strategic Cycle Network to read the rationale  of this proposal which has now been submitted to the New Forest National Park Authority.