Village Community Shop Project


Since the public meeting on 17 November 2018 the Working Group has been busy, first, digesting the comments and suggestions from the meeting and taking appropriate actions in line with that feedback.

The Working Group understood the meeting did not favour the proposal of constructing a temporary shop in the village hall car park but should examine the possibilities of utilising an existing building in the village.  We were unable to progress discussions with the owners of the shop and concluded that the Danby room was not a large enough space and suffered from the same problem as the new build: it was not on the village green.

The good news is that Debbie, the landlady of the Trusty Servant, has offered us prime space at the front of the pub to open the shop.  Although it is not as large as we would have liked, we believe it is a workable space and, most importantly, it is on the village green and with the support of the community can be a successful location.

We still have considerable ground work to do in negotiating terms but feel this is a way forward to, at least, test the viability of a community shop in Minstead whilst minimising the outlay.

There has been a proposal for a “21st century internet hub” where on line shopping is introduced, however, we feel that in the interests of the village community, visitors and long-term success of the shop, we should retain a more conventional Community village shop with personal service.

The Working Group extends our thanks for all your invaluable ideas, support and not least patience, we shall keep you updated on our endeavours.