Coronavirus General Information

Updated 18th October 2020

This aim of this page is to pull together links to all the various pieces of information and advice we have received about living through the coronavirus epidemic.  While we cannot verify everything we hope it will be a useful resource for Minstead residents and we will update it as and when new or revised information becomes available. 

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And have a look at our recent eNewsletters by clicking HERE 

The main sources of advice and information from the Authorities are:

         Tells you what you can and cannot do (includes advice about animals)

          Services, police and NHS information

         Local services including waste disposal and recycling

Keep up to date: add your email address at and get information straight to your inbox about how NFDC services are changing as they adapt to Coronavirus. 

Click NFDC email 15th October 2020 to read the latest information and advice about:

    • Wheeled bins being considered as part of improved waste service
    • Safe events – including Halloween and bonfire night
    • Are you prepared for winter?

New Forest National Park Authority

          Mainly about visitor and travel restrictions

HCC’s health and safety policy document provides useful guidance for volunteers who may be visiting people in their homes to provide essential help.  It can be read by visiting 

  • Church Services
    All Saints Church is open for private prayer and reflection every Sunday morning from 9am until 11am. 
    We have prepared the church so that all visitors will be safe and there is always someone in the church on Sunday mornings when it is open to give advice.

All Saints is also open for services!  Please see the information in  TOGETHER NEWS 16TH AUGUST 2020 about how to access the booking system and also to read about new developments in the autumn. 

You can follow the latest news by visiting visit the All Saints page on the website and following All Saints on Facebook.

  • Food and Essential Supplies

Click HERE to see a separate list of suppliers (including hot meals and home deliveries) and supermarket opening times and HERE to get the latest updates from Minstead Parish Council’s Facebook page.

  • Help in the Community

          If you need help or are able to help in our Minstead Community please contact:  

Helen Bennett or 07804 046122 or

Diane Andrews or 07762721521

  • Do you need to brush up your digital skills?

The Government website ‘The Skills Toolkit’ is made up of free online courses, tools and resources to help you improve your digital and numeracy skills. The Department for Education has consulted some of the country’s leading educational experts and employers to make up a collection of high quality resources to suit a range of interests and skill levels. Have a look, you do have to scroll through to look at the many options but they’re all free! For further information click

  • The Hampshire Helpline 0333 370 4000

This is available seven days a week from 9am-5pm and is for vulnerable people who do not have support from families, friends of their local community and who need urgent assistance with practical issues.

  • Support Services

Click Support Services COVID-19 for a list of contact numbers for a variety of charities who will be there for you if you are struggling in any way. You can also contact them is you are concerned about someone you know.

  • Voluntary Organisations

  • Go New Forest

Click The New Forest Autumn 2020  for general information about what is going on in the New Forest this autumn.