Recycling, Rubbish and Waste Disposal


The New Forest District Council is responsible for waste collection in Minstead.  Details of the services provided can be seen on the NFDC website.  Here you can find out about what goes into clear sacks for recycling, what goes into the black sacks, disposal of garden rubbish, glass collection and where to find the nearest household recycling centres.

A complete guide to household waste and recycling can be read by clicking HERE.

Click HERE for details about Christmas and New Year clear and black sack collections, household glass collection and Christmas tree drop-off points.

Please leave your sacks just inside your property for collection to prevent them being torn apart by animals.  NFDC waste disposal teams are well aware that you need to do this.

Hampshire County Council operates Household Waste Recycling Centres, the nearest to Minstead being at Marchwood, Southampton (Dock Gate 20), Somerley and Casbrook (Timsbury).  Visit the HCC website for further information about these facilities.

Please note that Hampshire residents will need to register their car(s) to access Household Waste Recycling Centres.  To find out more click:

No Wheelie Bins please!

If you are concerned that birds or animals will tear open bags, you can place the bags in a dustbin just inside the boundary of your property. Your collection team will take the sacks and replace the lids.

Please do not leave your rubbish in a wheelie bin for collection as it will not be taken. They are not compatible with NFDC refuse collection vehicles and extremely challenging to empty by hand. If you have a wheelie bin, please remove your rubbish sacks and place them as above before collection.

Annual Village Litter Clearance

There is an ongoing problem with people dropping litter around the Forest, particularly along roadsides. There is an annual Village litter clearance day organised by the Parish Council to try and remove the worst and all are asked to support this when it takes place.  Information about this will be included in the weekly eNewsletter

Fly Tipping

If you see any large items that have been dumped (fly-tipped) please report this to NFDC on line (click here to see how to do this) or contact the Parish Council Clerk who will inform NFDC.  It is also possible to report Fly Tipping and many other problems on the New Forest In Touch mobile app which lets you photograph, video and report problems directly to the council – where the issue will be quickly addressed by the appropriate service.  This fast and efficient app, which is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, lets you report issues 24/7 from anywhere in the UK via your Smartphone.

Dog Fouling

Considerate dog owners are always welcome in the New Forest; please clear up after your dog to keep it a pleasant place for everybody.

You can use any plastic bag to pick up your dog’s waste and if you can’t find a dog waste bin it’s all right to put it in one of the litter bins. Dog waste from your garden can be double-bagged and placed in your black refuse sack.

It is important for all dog owners to take responsibility for cleaning up after their animal as not only is it unpleasant to look at and even more unpleasant to step in, it can pose a health risk. For example, Toxocariasis is a rare infection caused by roundworms in the digestive tracts of dogs. It can cause headaches, eye problems and fever in humans if they come into contact with it.

If you spot a dog fouling problem, you can report it to Customer Services on 023 8028 5000 or report it online.

New Forest District Council can fine those who fail to pick up after their dog £50 so please ensure you have bags or poop scoops with you every time you walk your dog.