Minstead Players

Minstead Players is not your archetypal Drama Society, we can offer opportunities to get involved in “Something Different”. We’re looking into running local day workshops about different aspects of drama and are enthusiastic about new ideas and ways of doing things. Casting professionally written plays can be a problem so following in the footsteps of Minstead Panto we may be launching into home writing a production which would have a strong local link and be tailor-written to make best use of our resources. So, whatever your interest in drama, be it backstage or onstage, why not join us for an event and see what you think? To find out more please contact the Chair on 07500 458 539  or the Secretary Paul Burnish on paul_burnish@hotmail.com

Did you know…?
In 1945, 84 dances were held in the village hall. That’s at least 3 dances every fortnight! What’s more, one lady living at Castle Malwood was tasked with ensuring that all of the girls working there made it back to their own beds rather than the bed of an American GI!
The history of our hall represents a tapestry of fascinating stories that have been at the heart of the village for the last 100 years. 

If you have any photos, video clips, interesting stories or memorabilia then please email Paul  pastor@lyndhurstbaptistchurch.org.uk and Andy (andyjamessimpson@gmail.com).



by Ann Gawthorpe and Lesley Brown on Friday 18th January 2019 and Saturday 19 th January 2019 at 7.30 pm in Minstead Village Hall.

A good laugh performed with gusto, this amusing farce had plenty of action. Mistaken identities, confused and missing clergy with a series of doors were all strong features in the plot.

A farce in 2 Acts by Lynn Brittney

Minstead Hall Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November 2017

Resident's lounge

The Mount Home for Retired Theatricals is an unusual place – more like a country house hotel than a home for the elderly. As Juliet Sullivan says “Waited on hand and foot – no meals to prepare – beds made. Heaven!” And the manageress positively encourages residents to carry on working as long as they can. So when Walter Neville (small part veteran of 212 films) arrives, he is overjoyed to find some of his best friends in residence. All is well until the serial womaniser husband of three of the residents (Mrs Sullivan 1, 2 and 3) goes missing – apparently on the run from Russian gangsters. The ladies decide that “He who pays the bills” must be rescued – but how to go about it? What follows is a truly daft journey into the world of eccentric luvvies that provides some of the best comic roles for senior actors you are ever likely to come across!


by Derek Webb.

Minstead Hall 18thand 19th November 2016 was

Agatha Crusty (pronounced Croosty) is a crime novelist. She’s also pretty adept at solving crimes. And when her sister-in-law Alice invites her to spend a few days with her in the village of Chortelby, it’s not long before she gets caught up in a series of murders which seem directed at members of the All Saints Village Hall committee. From Toby, the Vicar, and Eleanor, Chair of the committee, to Harry Knott the caretaker and identical twins Olivia and Oliver Truscott-Pratt, there are plenty of suspects. And with an investigating officer as incompetent as D.I. Twigg, there are plenty of laughs as the murders begin to pile up. But, while packed full of wit and very funny scenes, this is also a genuine murder mystery with an ingenious plot which will tax the little grey cells of the audience at the same time!