Ideas and points for discussion raised by our members

These suggestions are not all inclusive and may have pros and cons to implement. They are intended as a launching point for thought and discussion…

  • Rewilding of gardens and land 
  • Plant trees on our property (if appropriate)
  • Keep water use as low as possible – this not only helps in energy saving but limits pollution of water courses – Freshwater habitats trust – New Forest Water Code 
  • Plant Hedgerows rather than fences – (think about multi species rather than monoculture) 
  • Build birdboxes and bee hotels + bat boxes 
  • Swift bricks in our properties
  • Planting for invertebrates, especially honeybees 
  • Think about why the moles died this year?

If you have any other suggestions of how Minstead and its residents can be engaged with conservation – please email