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  • eNewsletter 19th August 2018

    Sunday 18th August eNewsletter

    At a glance – Whats on!

    Tuesday 21st August – The day your new vicar, Rev. David Potterton arrives
    Saturday 25th August – Beat Surgery cancelled
    Saturday 1st September – The 67th Annual Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Show, Village Hall.
    Monday 3rd September – Minstead Parish Council meeting,7.30pm, Danby Room
    Friday 14th September – Starting your own school veg garden course, Minstead Study Centre
    Saturday 22nd September – Beat Surgery is moving to the Trusty Servant pub at 11am. 

    Please let us know at minsteadpc@gmail.com if you would like us to notify the village of any event you are hosting or of any incident that would be of local interest. We are able to do this via our website, e-newsletter and Facebook page.

    Note –  There will be no Beat Surgery this coming Saturday (25th August). PCSO Richard Williams is being re-deployed that day. All future surgeries will be held at the Trusty Servant Pub on a Saturday morning at 11am.
    Future Beat Surgery dates for your diary are the 20th October17th November and 15th December.

    Would you like a Silent Soldier Sillouette in Minstead?

    To mark the final year of the World War One centenary, The Royal British Legion is inviting the public to take part in a movement to say ‘Thank You’ to the First World War generation who served, sacrificed, rebuilt and changed the nation. The Thank You movement is offering a variety of silhouettes to symbolise the communities that took part in WW1.

    The Parish Council would like to ask whether this is something you would like us to join in with and if so, is there a business or individual who might like to sponsor the cost (£250) or share in the cost. Please let us know at the usual address minsteadpc@gmail.com

    The display of silhouettes will be throughout the UK and during the period from now until late 2018 when the nation will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, the end of WW1. The silhouettes are near life-size and can be fixed to a wall or attached to an upright post in public or private spaces. For more information about the commemoration follow the link here.


    The Safe Car Wash App 

    During Parish Council Meetings we discuss a number of initiatives and decide which could be relevant to our parishioners. One which we feel does is the new Safe Car Wash App which addresses the problem of modern slavery.

    Modern slavery is hidden in plain sight on our high streets. The National Crime Agency thinks there are tens of thousands of people being exploited in the UK, forced to work long hours, for little or no pay, and under threat of violence.

    Some of those people are being exploited in hand car washes, which in recent years have sprung up across the country in their thousands.

    The Safe Car Wash app has been developed to allow the general public to engage with the problem, it is a new tool that will enable the largest community intelligence gathering exercise ever attempted in the United Kingdom.

    Download the free app either Apple or Google onto your smartphone and then when you are using a hand car wash, simply open the app and complete a short survey about the working conditions of the car wash.

    NFU – Reporting Rural Crime


    The NFU has launched a new service for farmers and the public to give information anonymously about rural crime, in partnership with the charity Crimestoppers.

    The ‘Rural Crime Reporting Line’ is part of the NFU’s ongoing work to tackle the serious issues surrounding criminal behaviour on farms and in the wider countryside.

    To give information call 0800 783 0137 or visit www.ruralcrimereportingline.uk to anonymously enter information about crime relating to: industrial fly-tipping, hare coursing, machinery theft, livestock theft or other criminal activity you could help them with. Click here for further information.


    A huge welcome to Rev David Potterton

    You are invited to meet and welcome the new vicar- Rev. David Potterton at a short service at All Saints Church, Minstead on Tuesday, 21st August 5 – 5.30 pm

    Do come and bring the family!

    You are also welcome at his Licensing Service at St Michael’s church Lyndhurst later at 7.30pm.


    New Council Powers to fine vehicular littering

    ROAD users caught littering from vehicles across the New Forest are set to face £80 fines under new council legislation. The new regulations will resolve the problem of identifying which person committed the offence. The penalty notice will now be sent to the owner of the car, van or lorry involved regardless of who was driving or littering. This change has been backed by two senior council members, Councillor Alison Hoare and Councillor Diane Andrews, who are both part of New Forest District Council’s cabinet. A working group consisting of officers from New Forest District Council, the Forestry Commission, National Park Authority, Verderers of the New Forest and Hampshire County Council is also proposed to assess the implementation of the new penalties. We understand that footage from a dash cam will be accepted as evidence from which the NFDC will be able to issue a penalty notice. Hopefully we will all subsequently benefit from a cleaner National Park.

    Garden Bonfires

    It is the time of year and now the hot weather has dissipated that we are likely to return to the task of burning our garden rubbish. However, please can we ask you to be considerate about when and where you have a bonfire.

    It is perfectly ok to have the occasional bonfire to get rid of reasonable amounts of garden waste but please think about the time, the location and the weather conditions to minimise any unpleasant side effects and avoid upsetting your immediate neighbourhood!

    Please make sure your gardener is aware of this if you have one.

    For further information please see the District Council’s website about nuisance bonfires
    http://www.nfdc.gov.uk/bonfires which includes advice on having bonfires, alternative methods of garden waste disposal and the circumstance under which an abatement notice may be issued!

    Community Resilience initiative
    The Parish Council will leave the following item in the e-newletter for the next few weeks as we are keen to generate a good community response so we have the best set up if an incident does ever occur. Please do let Councillor Helen Bennett know (helenbennettpc@yahoo.com) if you are willing to join the response team and include your name, contact number and what you are willing to do or what equipment you can provide. For details of these please see below – Thank you.
    The Parish council is being actively encouraged to develop a plan to enable those who live in the village to support the emergency services in the event of a major incident or critical emergency in, or close to, our village.
    Action required from parishioners
    We are asking residents if they are willing to assist in the event of an emergency in the following ways:
    1. Assist with teas and coffees  and food in any rest centre
    2. Collect items required in the rest centre for example food drink
    3. Willing to drive their 4x 4 to move vulnerable people, obtain medication provide food to vulnerable people collect equipment and any other car related activities as required
    4. Willing to lend generators
    5. Willing to lend Walkie talkies or other communication devices
    6. Those who have first aid qualifications, medical or nursing experience,who could support the emergency services or provide first aid in the rest centre
    7. Have chain saws and the qualifications to operate them
    8. Willing to assist the emergency co ordinator to contact all of the above as directed
    9. Be willing to support vulnerable people either in their homes or in the rest centre as required
    10. Have access and ability to drive tractors and trailers to move large pieces of equipment.
    Register your interest
    The only commitment the Parish Council requires at this stage, is an expression of willingness to help in a particular area and permission to hold a contact number to be used if a significant emergency arises. Details at the top of this article.


    All Saints’ Church, Minstead

    Please click here to the dates and times of all the church service times for August. 
    Week commencing August 18th 2018

    Tues 21 August 
    Licensing of our new Vicar. See separate notice for details
    Weds 22 August
    10.30 am Holy Communion and coffee in Nondescripts
    11.00 am Bell ringing AS
    Thurs 23rd August  
    12 noon Funeral Muriel Stevens AS
    7.30 pm Bell ringing St M and AS
    Fri 24 August
    3.00 pm Kneeler Group AS
    Next Sunday 26th August
    Trinity 13
    10.00 am Benefice Holy Communion and coffee St M

    Please note
    AS is All Saints Minstead
    CC is Christ Church Emery Down
    St M is St Michael’s Lyndhurst 


    Parish of Minstead Planning Applications
    App No: 18/00566 Date Registered: 26/07/2018
    Observation Date: 30/08/2018
    Proposal: Attached 2 bay carport to existing garage
    Site: Upcerne, Lyndhurst Road, Minstead, Lyndhurst, SO43 7FP
    Case Officer: Katie McIntyre Tel: 01590 646619
    Applications Entered Between Dates 1.8.2018 and 8.8.2018 (Tree Works) public
    Application No: CONS/18/0719
    Date Registered: 08/08/2018
    Tree Ref: Proposed Works: Reason for Work:
    Prune 1 x Willow tree
    SCDL – Safety concerns due to defect and location CHPD – Clearing highways/paths/driveways/cables
    Decision Target Date: 17/09/2018
    Application No: CONS/18/0721
    Date Registered: 08/08/2018
    Tree Ref: Proposed Works: Reason for Work:
    Fell 1 x Willow tree Arboricultural maintenance Fell 1 x Sycamore tree Fell 1 x Leylandii tree Prune 1 x Oak tree Prune 1 x Holly tree
    Decision Target Date: 17/09/2018
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