Planning and Tree Applications


The New Forest National Park Authority (NPA) is the Planning Authority for the whole of the National Park including the Parish of Minstead.  All the information needed about Planning Applications and proposed Tree Works can be found on the NPA’s website (to read click here). 

Discussions with prospective applicants are positively encouraged by the NPA before an application is submitted. This helps you to submit all the required information to enable the Authority to deal with the application as efficiently as possible.  In doing so you will need to recognise that Minstead lies not only inside a National Park but also within a Conservation Area so additional constraints apply which might not exist elsewhere in the country.

A Duty Planning Officer is available at the NPA’s offices (Lymington Town Hall, Avenue Road, Lymington, SO41 9ZG) between the hours of 8:45 to 13:00 Monday to Friday for a short informal meeting to provide general planning advice and information including:

  • advice on the need for planning permission
  • explaining the relevant planning polices
  • advice on common planning procedures

You can also:

Telephone: 01590 646615 between the hours of 8:45 and 13:00

Write in: Lymington Town Hall, Avenue Road, Lymington, SO41 9ZG


The NPA endeavours to respond to written/emailed requests within 15 working days.


If you are considering making a planning application then the Parish Council encourages you to discuss your proposals informally as its Councillors have considerable experience of the various aspects you should consider.  To find out the best place and time to do this please contact the Clerk either by email at or by phone 07876 237073.

After they have been submitted to the NPA, the  Parish Council discusses all Minstead Planning Applications during its Council Meetings and makes formal recommendations supported by relevant comments to the NPA.  It is able to provide unique background and local knowledge which play an important part in NPA decision making.  In the event of any disagreements the application will be discussed by the NPA’s Planning Committee at which the Parish Council will be present to give its opinion.


To prune or fell trees protected by either (or both) a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or a Conservation Area in the National Park you must seek consent from the New Forest National Park Authority.

For more significant applications they will supply you with a site notice to display on your land and will notify neighbouring properties.

Where a neighbour submits an application they will endeavour to ensure that the owner or occupier of the land on which the tree stands is informed and given the chance to comment.

To submit a Tree Work Application please click here.

To view TPOs, Conservation Areas and tree work applications please visit the interactive tree map and search by case number / reference.

For further information on tree work applications please contact NFNPA Trees on 01590 646620 (9am-12pm, Monday – Friday), and/or see here.