Energy Saving Measures and Green Energy

The climate emergency necessitates we reduce our energy consumption in order to limit dangerous emissions contributing to global warming. Below are suggestions by our members and parishioners that can benefit the planet and our wallets!

These suggestions are not all inclusive and may have pros and cons to implement. They are intended as a launching point for thought and discussion…

  • How much heat is my home losing? – Click LINK for information on how we can help you find out
  • What heating and/or insulation grants are available from the government? – Links to be added
  • Log burners for heating our homes (if we can source local, sustainable fuel) – Should I install a woodburner now?
  • Are our homes properly insulated? We can offer thermal imaging of local houses to see where our homes are leaking heat 
  • Electric charging points in village 
  • Changing Vehicles to Hybrid or Electric 
  • Green Energy Buying Schemes – can we use our collective buying power as a community to negotiate better set up costs for green energy such as:
    • Solar panels
    • Wind turbines 
  • Could we set up more recycling collection schemes to allow us to recycle morre items as a community? – EcoSway are an example of a New Forest community group looking to set up collection schemes for items such as baling twine and bale wrap 
  • Repair and reuse more of our household items
    • Upcycling of old furniture
    • Local repair cafes – links to be added
  • Drive more carefully/reduce speed 
  • Walking or cycling instead of driving
  • Why not BBQ food with sustainable charcoal instead of gas or electricity 

If you have any other suggestions of how Minstead and its residents can reduce our energy usage, or help with the progress of this group’s aims – please email