Owning Property

If you own a property that adjoins the open forest then there a number of bits of advice that will enable you to help preserve the New Forest and the areas of it that are grazed by New Forest ponies and cattle.

These are summarised in a New Forest National Park Authority leaflet which can be read on line by clinking here or any NPA Information Point and include:

  • How to protect your garden
  • How you can help preserve the New Forest character
  • Information about boundaries
  • Your responsibilities and rules to follow for watercourses, ditches etc on or near your property (visit the DEFRA website for further information)
  • How hedges can help wildlife
  • Considerate lighting
  • How to help keeping ponies healthy (i.e. do not feed them!)
  • The need to protect verges and parking with care
  • Cesspit and septic tank maintenance
  • Contact details for all the various organisations from which you can obtain further information