Minstead Community Shop


We have just completed our first year of trading!

Thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers we have opened every day since 1st June 2020 

Do come and visit us!

Normally our Opening Hours are 10am to 4pm Every Day

but please note that we shall be closed for one week from 21st June to 25th June for alterations

and apologise for any inconvenience caused during that week


Collect a delicious hot drink with a slice of locally made cake and have a look at our increasing range of new products!

In addition to essential items we have a great selection of delicious and attractive items from the local area including New Forest Ice Cream – great now the weather has warmed up! – and recently introduced goats milk soaps.  We stock dairy produce, basic groceries and many locally sourced goodies including a wide range of cheeses, smoked trout, jams and garden plants.  We are always trying out new products too and now have a great range of cards for you to browse!

Most weeks we have some really good offers which you can find on Facebook and on the board in the shop.

We have been able to keep the shop open during national lockdown thanks to our brilliant volunteers but ask customers to be understanding.

If you who would like to place a telephone order for collection you should ring the shop on 023 8051 8166 and we will do our best to oblige (but if a Volunteer is working on his or her own you may have to be a little patient!).  Pay when you collect.


Almost all our volunteers gathered on 1st June 2021 to celebrate the first anniversary the shop opening – a fantastic achievement!

All were presented with a celebratory bone china mug in a bag which said it all: 
“Thank you – You’re the Best”
and everyone was able to enjoy a delicious mug of coffee and a slice of cake in glorious sunshine.Those who could not be there will receive their mugs at a later time.


1. The Committee is on the look out for someone to help with stock control.  This would be a part time paid position which would involve ensuring that stock is managed, wastage is kept to a minimum and that the shop is always stocked up with enough fresh/defrosted products for the next day’s business.  Anyone interested in finding out more should contact Denis Bates (denisandhilarybates@gmail.com, tel 07831 825830)

2. Additionally, there is a vacancy for a bookkeeper to take on work which involves processing and paying purchase invoices and then merging information from EPOS and bank statements to produce quarterly and annual accounts.  Excel is used for now but shortly accounts will be transferred on to an appropriate software package in anticipation of The Community Shop’s turnover exceeding £85,000 and necessitating registering for VAT.  Applications please to George Dibben at the Community Shop (george@dibben.net tel 07831 433800)  


Our shop has been created thanks to the generosity of a great many local Shareholders (Members) together with grants and support from our Parish Council and District and County Councils.  It would not have been possible without the generous support and cooperation of the Trusty Servant and the hard work of many in the Community.

We are managed and staffed entirely by Volunteers, have been trading since 1st June 2020 and have worked hard to extend the range of stock to meet local needs.

Our prices compare very favourably with local supermarkets although this is not possible in every case as we are buying in smaller quantities.  Members (Shareholders) get a 10% discount for as little as £25 investment. 

Contactless payment available (other than AMEX)

See what we’re up to on 


and do come and visit us or give a ring on 023 8051 8166

during opening hours



If you are interested in becoming a Shareholding Member and getting a 10% discount download a form (see below) or pick one up in the Shop.  And if you are interested in volunteering to help please fill out the application form which can also be downloaded (see below) or pick one up in the Shop).

Do contact any of the Committee if you have any suggestions or questions and if you feel you might be able to help in any way do apply as outlined below.

Management Committee members

George Dibben 023 8081 2967 george@dibben.net

Annabel Bruxner-Randall 023 8081 3242 pdbruxner_randall@hotmail.com

Christine Thomas 023 8081 4844 christine.j.thomas987@gmail.com

Yvonne Le Brun 023 8081 2916 yvonne.lebrun@btinternet.com 

Denis Bates 023 8081 2903 denisandhilarybates@gmail.com

Alan Ferguson 023 8081 3838 alanandfionaf@btinternet.com


The long term success of the Shop depends critically on there being sufficient volunteers to staff the shop and undertake background activities.
Currently we estimate that for full opening we shall need between 50 and 60 people and although a magnificent 40 originally offered their services some of these are unable to help as long as the current COVID-19 restrictions apply. 

At the moment we have 34 Volunteers to work in the Shop which we think is sufficient to open the hours above but it would be wonderful if there were more.  In addition there are 4 Support Volunteers who help behind the scenes and maintain stock levels.  If you are able to give a little bit of your time and feel you may be able to help please complete the Volunteer Application Form Mar 21  and return it as requested at the bottom of the page.


Many thanks go to everyone who has helped get the project adequately funded to start trading in June 2020, especially to the Parish Council and those who have purchased shares. Since then we have had a number of unexpected outgoings, mainly caused by the requirement to meet the guidance and regulations to help counter the COVID-19 pandemic.  However additional funds will always help and also enable the Treasurer sleep better at night.
If you have not yet done so but would like to give your support you can join the growing band of Members (currently 145) through buying shares in Minstead Community Shop Ltd. To do this download the MCS Share Application January 2021 which also includes an application form on the last 2 pages. If you would prefer a hard copy delivered please contact the Committee via minsteadcommunityshop@gmail.com.  By becoming a Member you will be entitled to a 10% discount on all purchases!
Information about the membership rules and how the Society will operate are in the document Minstead Community Shop Ltd Rules.

To read more about how we got here and the answers to some frequently asked questions please have a look at our Shop’s