eNewsletter 12th August 2018

Sunday 12th August eNewsletter

At a glance – Whats on!

Tuesday 14th August – History Group 8pm Social Club
Tuesday 21st August – The day your new vicar, Rev. David Potterton arrives
Saturday 1st September – The 67th Annual Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Show, Village Hall.
Monday 3rd September – Minstead Parish Council meeting, 7.30pm, Danby Room
Friday 14th September – Starting your own school veg garden course, Minstead Study Centre
Please let us know at minsteadpc@gmail.com if you would like us to notify the village of any event you are hosting or of any incident that would be of local interest. We are able to do this via our website, e-newsletter and Facebook page.

Minstead Village Fete 2018

Despite the inclement weather the fete was a great day out and it was lovely to see so many of our local residents enjoying themselves. The tea tent is always a highlight and it didn’t disappoint having been filled with the most delicious cakes and pastries and with the back drop of live music, the setting was pretty special. Thank you to the Fete Committee, The Trusty Servant and all those who put their time in to planning and manning the other fabulous stalls. It was a resounding success. 
A few images to remember the day.
NB The next big Minstead Village day out is on Saturday 1st September for the annual Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Show at the Village Hall. Definitely a visual treat.


The Parish council is being actively encouraged to develop a plan to enable those who live in the village to support the emergency services in the event of a major incident or critical emergency in, or close to, our village. These could include a serious building or heath fire, lengthy disruption to water or electricity supplies or, as recently experienced, severe weather. We could have helped those stranded on the A31.

Action required from parishioners

We are asking residents if they are willing to assist in the event of an emergency in the following ways:
1. Assist with teas and coffees and food in any rest centre
2. Collect items required in the rest centre for example food and drink
3. Willing to drive their 4×4 to move vulnerable people, obtain medication provide food to vulnerable people collect equipment and any other car related activities as required
4. Willing to lend generators
5. Willing to lend walkie talkies or other communication devices
6. Those who have first aid qualifications, medical or nursing experience,who could support the emergency services or provide first aid in the rest centre
7. Have chain saws and the qualifications to operate them
8. Willing to assist the emergency co ordinator to contact all of the above as directed
9. Be willing to support vulnerable people either in their homes or in the rest centre as required
10. Have access and ability to drive tractors and trailers to move large pieces of equipment.

Register your interest

The only commitment the Parish Council requires at this stage, is an expression of willingness to help in a particular area and permission to hold a contact number to be used if a significant emergency arises. 
To put yourself on the register please email Helen Bennett at helenbennettpc@yahoo.comwith your name, contact number and what you are willing to do or what equipment you can provide.

Campers and caravans at Hazel Hill car park, Minstead

You may have seen via the Parish Council’s Facebook page that we had a group of unauthorised campers in one of our car parks during the week. It raised the issue of who the appropriate body is to report this type of incident to. The answer is The Forestry Commission and if it’s out of office hours, there is a 24 hour line 0300 067 4600.
Unfortunately our unwelcome visitors left behind some pretty unpleasant rubbish and special thanks must go to Penny Field who single-handedly cleared it up.

Minstead Parish Council Facebook page

Facebook – love it or loathe it, it does have a place for informing and sharing information quickly. We have our own Minstead Parish Council page which we use for exactly this reason. The page can be found by clicking here, just don’t forget to like and follow it to stay linked. The main hub of information will remain as a weekly e-newsletter and on the village website www.minstead.org.uk

Newtown near Fleetwater


For everyone who has been affected by the road closure at Newtown, please be assured the Parish Council has been chasing Bournemouth Water for a resolution to the problem. A leak was discovered by their engineers who then undertook the work to fix it. The same team then refilled the investigative hole and Bournemouth Water had understood it to be fixed. However locally we could see water was flowing from another lower point in the road where the tarmac had collapsed. We presume the two are connected and will continue to liaise with Bournemouth Water until the problem is completely resolved.  

Minstead Study Centre
The calendar of events for the Minstead Study Centre can be found by following the link here. There are three very interesting events which you can book in to during September. They are:
  • 14th September – Starting A New School Vegetable Garden info
  • 16th September – Around the World in 80 Plants info
  • 22nd September – Free Composting Session info

Pony Drift locations and dates for August 2018 
For more information and and an interesting read about drifts in the New Forest follow the link http://newforestcommoner.co.uk/2016/08/29/new-forest-autumn-drifts-in/
Lastly, if you would like to see a clip to understand why you should keep safely away from the area please follow this second YouTube link. Great watching and permission was granted to use it by the rider, NFED’s editor Steve Kitcher. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlgH1Ul0l-4

All Saints’ Church, Minstead


Please click here to the dates and times of all the church service times for August. 
Week commencing August 12th 2018.
Sunday 12th, 10am – Baptism service led by Rev Lynda Mead. You are welcome to join the family in the service.
                         6pm – Evensong.
Sunday 19th, 9.30 – Holy Communion led by Rev Lynda Mead (her last  service with us before our new vicar starts) – a special Celtic Christian Service.
Emails from the PCC secretary are not currently available, but you can find our weekly news, monthly service list and news about the Licensing service by looking in any of the following places: 
·    At church –  printed sheets inside the door to take away, posted at the lych gate and in the porch; 
·    In the village – at Minstead Hall and on the gate post of the ex-village shop;
·    Electronically –  on the church Facebook Page, the benefice website and via the Parish Council circulation;
·    or of course by asking a churchwarden or member of the church family. 
Tuesday August 21st, 7.30pm –  The Licensing Service for Rev. David Potterton will be in St Michael’s Church, Lyndhurst.  To begin the celebrations there will be a short service at All Saints’ at 5pm, followed by one at Christ Church, Emery Down. You are warmly invited to attend any or all of these. 
A new photo exhibition of “(other) lovely little churches around Hampshire” taken by Nick Mellersh’s friend Steve Harvey. 
CHARITY GIVING   During August this church is supporting Mission to Seafarers.  After services, you can make your donations using the special collection dish. 
New Forest Basics Bank aims to provide support and help to individuals and families in need. The collecting box is in church. You are welcome to bring donations of non perishable food and hygiene items whenever the church is open, which will support those in need. 


Please don’t forget to let Sylvia know if the idea of a coffee morning
is something you would like


Now the shop has closed perhaps we could have a Coffee/Meeting morning  in the Church.  Keeping it simple, perhaps buying cake(s) and making tea coffee at a set time/day once a month.  Views please on this and also whether you would be available, or know someone, who will give time to try to get this off the ground.

Please contact Sylvia Dibben
Post: Ivy Cottage Farm, Minstead, Lymdhurst SO43 7FY
Mob: text 07836 345999, Tel: 023 8081 2967


Update – Black fluffy cat was happily re-united with it’s owners. 



Mill Lane


Reminder – Mill Lane – HCC have informed the Parish Council of a planned date to improve the signage for Mill Lane. This is anticipated as the week commencing 27th August and the works will not necessitate a road closure. 


Parish of Minstead Planning Applications

App No: 18/00566 Date Registered: 26/07/2018
Observation Date: 30/08/2018
Proposal: Attached 2 bay carport to existing garage
Site: Upcerne, Lyndhurst Road, Minstead, Lyndhurst, SO43 7FP
Case Officer: Katie McIntyre Tel: 01590 646619

Applications Entered Between Dates 1.8.2018 and 8.8.2018 (Tree Works) public
Application No: CONS/18/0719
Date Registered: 08/08/2018
Tree Ref: Proposed Works: Reason for Work:
Prune 1 x Willow tree
SCDL – Safety concerns due to defect and location CHPD – Clearing highways/paths/driveways/cables
Decision Target Date: 17/09/2018

Application No: CONS/18/0721
Date Registered: 08/08/2018
Tree Ref: Proposed Works: Reason for Work:
Fell 1 x Willow tree Arboricultural maintenance Fell 1 x Sycamore tree Fell 1 x Leylandii tree Prune 1 x Oak tree Prune 1 x Holly tree
Decision Target Date: 17/09/2018