eNewsletter 12th June 2016


Minstead History Group 8pm Tuesday 14th June Social Club

Beat Surgery 4pm Monday 20th June Village Shop

Village Lunch 12.30pm (not 2.30!) Tuesday 21st June BYO to Keepers Cottage

Summer Solstice Circle Dancing 7.30pm Friday 24th June Study Centre

Minstead Makers 6pm Thursday 30th June Furzey Tea Rooms

Parish Council Monday 4th July 7.30pm Village Hall

Minstead Golf Day Wednesday 6th July

Minstead Players auditioning Wednesday 6th July 7.30pm Hill Close

 See below or the Village website for further details of these and future events.


Concerns about inconsiderate driving through the Village continue to arise and there have been one or two unpleasant incidents.  Things are not helped by the various roadworks, temporary road closures, building works and accidents on the A31 and A35 resulting in our roads being used as rat runs.  Potholes, collapsing road edges and the increasing size of vehicles also contribute to our roads becoming ever more hazardous.  Our local police are well aware of the situation, which is not unique to Minstead, but do not possess all the answers.  Other authorities are also familiar with this worsening state of affairs but bureaucratic procedures and lack of funds mean there are no quick fixes on the horizon.  The Parish Council continues to raise these problems at every possible opportunity.


  1. Please set an example by driving considerately on our local roads and take account of your immediate surroundings, particularly if you are in charge of a large vehicle or tractor.  Even when travelling at below the speed limit these can be intimidating and scary, especially for children and animals. If in doubt, SLOW DOWN! And please pass on this message to anyone who is working for you or with you whatever sort of vehicle they drive!
  2. 2.  Our local police are keen to resurrect the volunteer Speedwatch scheme which is thought to have some beneficial effects on driver behaviour.  If you are interested in taking part please email us at minsteadpc@googlemail.com or contact our PCSO Richard Williams who will be at the next Beat Surgery in the Shop from 4-5pm on Monday 20th June.


For those who have not already been informed the works which started on 6 June 2016 are expected to last for 5 weeks, during which time Lyndhurst Road will be closed 24/7.

The works will be in three phases.  See LYNDHURST ROAD DRAINAGE WORKS for details.



Continuing the traffic theme this fine vehicle was seen temporarily occupying the disabled parking bay outside the church for an entirely respectable reason.  It did not scare anyone and we wish the occupants Good Luck for the future!



A fantastic Junior Minstead celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday today!  Sprits were not dampened by the rain and a great time was had by all!


Bournemouth Water have written stating that they are aware that some of their vehicles have damaged our verges during the water main replacement work and that they will restore these sections of verge when the works are complete. They also point out that there are some areas of verge that are damaged that are not down to Bournemouth Water’s work, the largest area is near to the village hall where there is building work happening.  Once all work is complete we shall hold a site meeting with them and Hampshire Highways to discuss any other areas of concern.


See Church Notices 12th June 2016 for All Saints services and events.

Please note that Jean (Ann) Glover’s funeral at All Saints on Tuesday 14th is at 1pm


If you are interested in training to become a Community First Responder for Minstead please let us know by contacting the Clerk on 8081 2375 or at clerk@minstead.gov.uk.  To find out more have a look at the South Central Ambulance Service website.


If you know of any newcomers to the Village, either temporary or permanent please let us know at minsteadpc@googlemail.com as we can deliver a Welcome Pack in either hard copy or electronic format which contains a wide range of hopefully useful and up to date information about living in Minstead.


See Furzey in Focus for information about an exclusive photographic exhibition at Furzey Gardens from 6pm on 15th July.

Early bird tickets available if purchased before 17th June!


A young kitten has been handed in to the vet at Millbrook having been found on Football Green where it had apparently been for a couple of days.  Please ring 023 8001 9133 if you think you may know who it belongs to.


There are no new planning applications for Minstead this week


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