eNewsletter 28th October 2013

This message is sent by Minstead Parish Council (www.minstead.gov.uk) as a public service.

If you know of someone who does not receive email but who may like to read it please print a copy and pass it to them.

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All will be aware that heavy rain (up to 40mm) and exceptionally high winds (60-80 mph) are forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning, Monday.

See http://hantsweb-staging.hants.gov.uk/storm-message for further advice and information.

If you are concerned about older or vulnerable people ring 0845 603 5630.

People can keep updated on roads affected by severe weather by checking ROMANSE online at www.romanse.org.uk or following them on Twitter @ROMANSE. Alternatively tune in to local TV or Radio Solent and other local radio stations for traffic reports etc. Flooding information can also be found online from the Environment Agency http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/.

Train services will be disrupted – see http://www.southwesttrains.co.uk/ for up to date information.

Up to the minute information on the developing weather situation can be found on the Met Office website http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/ and the BBC  http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2642436

 Non emergency flooding on Hampshire Highways can be reported online at

 http://hantsweb-staging.hants.gov.uk/index/transport/roadproblems.htm or by calling 0845 603 5633 during office hours.


As most are aware, there have been a few thefts/attempted thefts recently which may be a symptom of the darker evenings.

As well as making sure your main property is secure you are advised to take extra care to lock your outbuildings, sheds and motor vehicles.

If you see a crime being committed ring 999 and for any other incident or suspicious activity ring 101.

The next Village Beat Surgery will be from 9.30 to 10.30 at the Shop on Wednesday 6th November if you want to discuss anything with our local Police.


For those eligible who missed the recent drop-in clinic for ‘flu and other jabs at Lyndhurst Surgery, the next will be between 2 and 5 pm this Wed 30th October.


First of all we would like to thank Peter “PB” Bennett for hosting his quiz for 5450 at The Trusty this week there was a great turnout and he raised £50 for 5450. The next Quiz is on Wednesday the 21st of November and the special guest host is Nick Parker from the shop.

Secondly a big thank you to everybody who came to The Spooktacular on Saturday evening – it was a fantastic turnout despite adverse weather conditions and everyone made a terrifyingly good effort with their very spooky outfits and super scary pumpkins! Pictures are on the Facebook page.

Upcoming Events

Friday 15th November – Man Vs Food Ultimate Burger Challenge, come and become the ultimate food eating champion with the challenge of a 32oz Burger, Fries and a Milkshake just £20 to enter and all proceeds go to Charlotte’s I Believe I Can Fund Of Hope.

Thursday 28th November – Game Supper Evening, come and enjoy a 4 course Game Supper at The Trusty for £20  a head, menus are available from the Trusty.

Friday 13th December –  Charity Race Night, more details to come

The Trusty is still taking bookings for Christmas Parties and has a few spaces left for Christmas Day.

Weekly Events this Season

Monday Night is “Curry Night” – curry for 2 for £20, a selection of meat and vegetable curries, bombay potatoes, rice and chapatis.

Tuesday Night is “2 for Tuesday” – 2 fish and chips for just £15!

Thursday Night is “Steak Night” – 2 steaks and a carafe of wine for just £25!


Wednesday, 13th November, 8 pm in the Green Room, Minstead Hall

All lady visitors very welcome

“FISH and CHIP SUPPER” (Chicken an option) followed by something enjoyable


By phoning Lynne Glover on 023 8081 2515

Cost:  £8 for Guests, £5 for Members


(also at https://www.facebook.com/MinsteadChurch)

Next week will be Holy Communion at All Saints, starting at 9.30

Other notices

Wednesday 30th @ 7.15 – choir practice

Thursday 31st @ @ 7.30 – Home group

Friday 1st November – All Saints day of prayer from 10-6. See notice in porch

6pm “Said” Compline – All Welcome

The deadline for handing in the Christmas shoeboxes is the 9.30 service on November 17th – again see porch for more information.


The following planning applications will be discussed:

98744 Minstead Study Centre. Construction of wood store; installation of wood stove with flue.

98869 The Splash. Demolish garage and erect new garage plus detached car port.

98925 Blackwater House. Additional first floor accommodation and extension to existing outbuilding; new outbuilding.

98712 Thatched Cottage, Emery Down. Retention of replacement outbuildingamended plans.

CONS/13/0812 Stoney Cross Lodge. Fell turkey oak.

CONS/13/0824 Woodley House. Fell diseased willows.

CONS/13/0882 Dunbridge Cottage. Crown lift 1 ash; remove stems overhanging road of goat willow.